Job Opportunity at the Ranch: Director

Reports To: Camarillo Ranch Foundation (CRF) Board of Directors

General Duties and Responsibilities:

The Director, Camarillo Ranch develops and maintains close working relationships with the CRF Board, the City of Camarillo, outside agencies both public and private, and the general public, while overseeing and managing all aspects of the Camarillo Ranch House (Ranch) and its facilities and staff.  The Director works under the guidance of Board By-Laws, rules, regulations, policies and procedures, as well as all state and local laws and ordinances.

  1. Duties and Responsibilities (Essential Functions)
  2. Directs and manages the daily operation of the Ranch.
  3. Responsible for scheduling and coordinating operations for all events and activities at the Ranch consistent with the Mission and policies of the CRF.
  4. Acts as advisor to the Board in long term planning and on policy and program decisions.
  5. Assists the Ranch Board in the presentation and implementation of membership programs and other revenue-generating activities.
  6. Advises Board on needed capital improvements and equipment for the Ranch.
  7. Recommends and implements adopted short and long range goals for the Ranch.
  8. Prepares proposed annual budget and administers adopted budget, including seeking and implementing methods or control measures to increase revenue and decrease expenses.
  9. Participates in all Ranch employee issues including hiring and disciplining employees as necessary.
  10. Troubleshoots problems regarding maintenance, scheduling, customers, vendors, etc.
  11. Responsible for coordinating and assigning office and maintenance work, and prioritizing workloads.
  12. Oversees and coordinates scheduling and organization of employees, volunteers, contractors, vendors, exhibitors, entertainment, special attractions and events.
  13. Provides recommendations to the Board on user fees and charges.
  14. Negotiates contracts with Ranch users pursuant to Board Policies.
  15. Develops and implements administrative procedures for the effective and efficient     operation of the Ranch office, including maintenance of accurate records, files and other documents.
  16. In conjunction with the Board, develops and administers grant programs designed to     bring local, state and federal support to the Ranch.
  17. Analyzes and advises the Board on the best course of action for public relations issues and internal questions.
  18. Participates in the promotion of the Ranch by giving speeches at public functions and meetings
  19. Responds to news media, public groups or individuals, who request information on the Ranch.
  20. Coordinates the design and intent of advertising programs for the Ranch.
  21. Develops and executes the promotion, advertising, and public relations of the Ranch’s programs and events.
  22. Develops promotional strategies and events to target specific markets.
  23. In accordance with Board policy, negotiates advertising contracts with local media.
  24. Acts as liaison between the Board and users of the Ranch.
  25. As directed by Board, may represent the Board at meetings with State, County and City officials, community groups and tourism boards.
  26. As Directed by the Board, represents the Ranch on community boards, committees, and at community events.
  27. Attends all Board meetings and provides reports and recommendations as necessary.
  28. Performs other duties and tasks as may be assigned by the Board.


Working Conditions:

The Director will be required to work in both office and outdoor settings. This is a salaried and exempt position, hours will be flexible and evening and weekend work will be required depending on the needs of Ranch activities.  There may be some travel required.  Regular attendance is required.


Experience and Education Desired:

  • Knowledge of non-profit organizations and fund raising,
  • Knowledge of event planning and coordination,
  • Experience in business management,
  • Experience supervising employees and coordinating volunteers,
  • Education and skill level necessary to communicate, organize, research and implement programs and initiatives independently and completely
    • Any combination of education, training, and/or experience equivalent to completion of a bachelor’s degree with major coursework in business, management, communications or related field. 
    • Previous experience in event planning, public relations, employee management writing or editorial work highly desirable.


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